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Nice morning and Cheerful Sunday bombshells! With the excitement of…

Admirable morning and Happy Sunday bombshells! With the passion of a day that might get above freezing, busy with wth coming weeks preparations, I am wrapping up in a alluring vibrant color, allover lace, and a sexy kind of comfort love. My picks are from the VS Very Hot collection and are the lightly lined plunge demi below garment and gutsy strap. Feeling empowered, meaty, hot, feminine, assertive, and nice-looking to the core, I’m ready to conquer all the day has in store for me. 

Start your day off on the right foot, with like in your heart, a clear focused mind, and in a lingerie set that is empowering to u. Feel your spirits be lifted by the base layer u choose to wear under it all. Like yourself unconditionally, allowing this base adore to course through, warming, your body, and then cast this like outward to lift up and touch the lives of all who surround u. Let the beauty of your light shine for all to watch, stand meaty for what is right, and never prevent fighting to be the admirable in the world that u crave to see. Know in your heart that you make difference for the more worthy and that you are an irreplaceable asset. Walk tall throughout your day finding strength and confidence in being true to yourself and continually strive to allow grace, kindness, and leniency to play an ever increasing role in your day to day life. Take care of yourself, like freely, adore all, aid others when u are experienced, know in your heart that like will win, seek after your dreams with all you have, and have an amazing time slaying your day! Love you all to pieces. xoxo MML ❤️