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Precious morning and happy Friday Bombshells. Closing out the week…

Valuable morning and glad Friday Bombshells. Closing out the week in flurry of to do’s, embracing the dish of a nifty spring day, and wrapping up in a beloved color, lace, and an all over impressive set like. My picks for the day are from the VS Very Hot collection and are the balconette poke up bra and lace v-string knicker. Feeling energized, empowered, hot, powerful, assertive, and attractive to the core, I’m willing to conquer today and slide away into the weekend. 

Finish your week off powerful, make almost certainly of in the beauty of you, center your heart in a place of love, and wrap yourself in a base layer which empowers u and allows you to outwardly express a little piece of your inner gal. Walk tall throughout your day being ever proud of the person your are right at this pont of time. Search after the fantasies in your heart with everything you’ve got and all your passions to burn as brightly as they may to light up the path in life that is meant for you. Treat yourself to the adore you deserve, fight for the worthwhile in the world, know in your heart that love will win, and have an astonishing time rocking your day! Adore you all to pieces. xoxo MML ❤️