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Worthwhile morning and pleased Sunday bombshells! Just wanting to crave…

Precious morning and happy Sunday bombshells! Just wanting to desire you all a alluring day and that u  may see a little piece of your dreams fall into place. That you walk tall throughout your day with your head held high and with the knowledge that you make this world a brighter place for all. Take care of yourself and give yourself the unconditional self like u are so deserving of. At no time give up and follow passionately after the fantasies in your heart! Stay true to the handsome light that’s you. Adore u all to pieces. xoxo MML ❤️

Base layer of the day. – VS Dream Girls – High neck lengthy line beneath garment – swim suit

Admirable morning and welcome to the weekend bombshells. A very succulent…

Nice morning and welcome to the weekend bombshells. A very wet begin to the the day and the rain not showing signs of leaving anytime soon, so it’s a lounge around the abode kind of morning. Wrapping up in all over lace, a fetching blue, and the consummate comfort of lounge comfort love. My picks for the day are the VS Bralette underwire triangle bralette and the VS Lacie knicker. Feeling empowered, energized, angelic, and alluring to the core, I am willing to take on all the coming day has to suggest. 

Begin your day off on the right foot, centered in the pont of time, with love in your heart, and wrapped in a lingerie set that is empowering to u. Choose to watch yourself for the glamourous individual you’re on the inside and out. Celebrate the impressive, intelligent, resilient, and powerful individual that you’re and let your light shine out upon all who surround u. Love yourself unconditionally with out an iota of self doubt, make almost certainly of in all that u are, know in your heart that love will win, be true to your light, follow after your dreams, and have an mind boggling time slaying your day! Love you all to pieces. xoxo MML ❤️